About NFP

Welcome to the NFP Singapore Website

I am the co-ordinator of this Service, which is an activity of the Catholic Medical Guild, Catholic Nurses’ Guild and the Family Life Society, and I am very happy that you are interested in learning Natural Family Planning.

We have been promoting NFP as a way of life since the early 70’s because NFP is the best way of Family Planning. Besides promoting self-awareness and self?reliance, NFP is also couple orientated and promotes sharing and joint responsibility in family planning.

Unlike artificial methods which are one sided, NFP will cultivate intimacy in your marriage and enrich it, since you will need to practise the same qualities that will make your marriage itself a success such as respect, patience, fidelity, regard, self mastery, understanding, consultation and love.

Since it is natural, it is free from health risks, and if the rules are kept, NFP has been shown to be an effective method in various world trials, including the World Health Organisation trial which was completed in 5 countries in 1981.

Besides using NFP to space your children, you can also use it to become pregnant.  Unlike contraceptives, NFP does not damage your fertility, and allows you to easily identify the most likely days when you can become pregnant.

In these times, when contraceptives and abortion are threatening the family and even the existence of society, NFP offers a way of Peace.

I have enclosed the list of Centres where NFP is taught and the times we are available.  I hope that you will commit yourself to adopting NFP.  You and your partner are very welcome to come and see us. I know you will never regret it.

Yours Sincerely

Ian Snodgrass

Oct 2010
Email Address : enquiry@naturalfamilyplanning.sg