Introduction to NFP

“Knowledge every woman should have” – Dr Evelyn Billings

  • What is Natural Family Planning?

In natural family planning, a couple uses the knowledge of their fertility to make decisions whether to achieve or to space out pregnancy during their marital life.

The Billings Ovulation Method or BOM is a natural method of family planning discovered and developed by Drs John and Evelyn Billings more than 50 years ago.

  • Billings Ovulation Method (BOM)

BOM is based on the woman’s awareness of the signs she observes and feels during her cycle With this knowledge she is able to interpret the times when she is fertile and infertile, thus being responsible for planning their family in loving co-operation with her spouse.

BOM is a natural method in that no drugs or devices are needed – just a simple awareness of the changing mucus and the application of this knowledge. BOM is applicable to all phases of a woman’s reproductive life – whether her cycles are regular or irregular, during adolescence, menopause and breastfeeding or coming off the Pill.

  • Benefits of BOM

It is an accurate, simple, scientific method of regulating fertility naturally. It increases knowledge, understanding and respect for fertility.  It involves both husband and wife in joint decision making about planning their family.

It does no harm and it develops communication and caring concern between the couple. It does not involve the use of medicines, mechanical devices or chemicals and thus does not have side effects. It is also inexpensive.

  • Effectiveness

BOM have been tested and proven to be highly effective, as studies have been conducted extensively with endorsement from the World Health Organisation

As increasing number of couples these days find difficulty in achieving conception, BOM have become a helpful method for them, It is less expensive than going for artificial reproductive technology advice and treatment which may not be necessary in the first instance.

  • Morally Acceptable

There are no moral objections to using this method as it is natural and does not interfere with one’s religious or cultural beliefs.

  • That’s Why….

Natural family planning methods, of which BOM is the most thoroughly researched and successful, all require and encourage spouses to be generous and giving to each other.

The gentle discipline of abstinence ensures they don’t take each other for granted and keeps their conjugal relationship fresh and new.

The husband who learns to understand his wife’s pattern of fertility and infertility, learns to understand her and responds by respecting and cherishing her. The wife who sees her husband gladly accept abstinence for the sake of her health and the welfare of their family recognises what a gem of a man she has married.

  • Contacts

Currently there are 15 centres across Singapore where NFP is taught. Dedicated and committed instructors have been giving their time to promoting this wonderful cause to many couples.

Give yourselves a gift with NFP and the benefits are for life.